Mandventuring – Down The Right Path.

I left the house yesterday. No wait, it’s not that I don’t ever leave the house, but I left the house just to peruse the neighbourhood, rather than run errands or whatnot. I’ve been meaning to do it since I moved into the neighbourhood in February.

I made an observation to myself yesterday (while running an errand) that when I go out, I only go out one way. I go down the elevator and out a door and head left. It’s the way to the stores and the bus route, my friends live to the left, the bars are to the left… I have no reason to go right, well not until yesterday that is.

It wasn’t really a reason as more than me just being bored. When I look out off my balcony, I see a school, another apartment building and this field that leads to this path, which in turn runs along the river. I just wanted to explore and see what’s shaking in the neighbourhood (things like this are good to know incase of zombie infestation or apocalyptic situations arising…) Also, I was tired of staying in, so I left… and went right. (Right would be more like behind my building rather than in front… Directions just seemed easier to explain.)

I finally got to the path… I suppose I could’ve cut through the schoolyard, but that’s really only okay when school’s not in. School was in, I didn’t wanna be the playground creeper and opted to avoid the schoolyard entirely. I went around the big building and followed my GPS thing on my phone to the pathway. *(The pathway is the Ottawa River Parkway, so said the signs once I got to it.) I didn’t really need the phone, but it’s fun to play with…

The path is pretty straightforward, it goes on for awhile, I only walked for 30 minutes one way then turned around and came back. (I had dinner plans so I was dealing with time constraints.)

Now while on this walking tour I decided to take photos, most of them are normal, like this one…









Then I found this… A random greenhouse thing in the middle of suburbia. Well it was between houses and the path I was on…






I’m not sure who or what it is, there was no sign that I could see from the path. It’s weird, the doors that are on the sides are bricked in, like a super solid fixture. I wanted to go check it out, but I was concerned about the enhanced Canadian security that was around this building… I trusted the sign.








I’m not sure what it was, but my imagination totally started making stuff up…






Government grow-op… Zombie housing… GERMS… So many things were running through my head, I should have taken notes for writing later. I’ll remember to do that next time. I’m definitely going to check it out again, hopefully find out what it is. I’m thinking probably tomorrow when I assume there’ll be no cars parked outside… There’s probably isn’t a sign, but you never know. 😀

I’ll keep you all posted…
Oh! If I’m never heard from again, come save me from the greenhouse place…


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