How often do you post a blog? I try to post once a day, but is that overkill?

*(I’m noticing that the font changed on my blog… I don’t know why, I’ll figure it out later…)

At times I have nothing to say, but I try to come up with something to rant about just to have a post. Is quantity or quality better here? You don’t want people to lose interest but you don’t want to shove redundant things in their face everyday either. I think there’s a fine line and I’m working on finding out where mine is. (I apologize if I annoy people, apparently your line is much closer than mine is.)

My blog has been more about my writing (or lack there of) these days, so I try to just post when something writing-like happens. Lately I’ve been struggling with the writing things, mostly because I’m at the editing part. I like to do an entire rewrite instead, which is not always the better idea. I just can’t control myself sometimes. CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE…

So I don’t save and I walk away, this time I ended up here, blogging. 😀

Well I’ll figure out when I’m supposed to blog and about what, I guess if the piece of bloggery interests someone then it really doesn’t matter what the topic is about, but more about the time the other spent reading it and hopefully enjoying it. I spent the time to write it, one for a venting area… GRRRR OVEREDITING! Two, in hopes that someone kills time or gets a laugh out of something I wrote. 😀

So yeah, I did the one, I vented. I also found a blogtopic. So yay, two in one.
I’m off to enjoy the sun now.
Have a good weekend.


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