Commitment Issues.

Hi, my name is Mandy, and I have commitment issues.

Now, I’m not talking about commitment in relationships, which is what I’m sure most of you thought I was referring to. (Now, if I look at my life now and still being single at 34-35, okay, fine, maybe I do have some problems in that area, but I’m not even gonna touch on that at the moment… I’ll leave that for another time.)

I’m referring more to the little things. Like the fact that I just put up my magnetic knife holder today. It’s one of those wall-mount ones and even though there’s only one place in my entire kitchen that I would put it, and I’ve had it for almost a month, it still took me up til now to get it done.

I say that as I look over at an unused pile bulletin and white boards in the corner of my office area. (There are three in total, one big bulletin, one big white and one small white). They need a place on the wall, somewhere… It’s not like in the kitchen. There’s a lot of different options out here in the living/office/dining/entrance room, UGH, too many options. *(I’ve even been contemplating moving stuff around, so I don’t put holes in wall for nothing, just in case I get a dining room table or something… I sound like a french verb tense, the planning for the future just in case it happens one. I’m sure they have one close to that, there’s one for everything else.) I haven’t moved “rooms” yet, nor have I done anything with the boards, I’m just waiting. For what, I don’t know. I’m stationary stockpiling…

Maybe in my deep brain I figure there are fairies that show up and hang stuff for me.
Maybe I don’t like holes in the walls…

I think I just can’t decide where to put them. *(I glance into the living room where there are two paintings that need hanging and I know that in the bedroom there’s a poster or two that need framing and a spot on the wall.) I want to hang things but then there’s all these holes in the walls, if and when I decide to move things. Putting things up just makes them so permanent.

There’s my fear of commitment.

OMG, I just need to get those hanger-things that I can hook more weight onto, that aren’t permanent…
I’m off to find those. 😀
Alright, I suppose that was easy.

Hmmmmm. Too bad they don’t make a sticky-fix like that for my love life.


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