Housecalls in Publishing? Tony G. Gets Scary… :(

I was hoping that the next blog would be a happier one, I had plans for that… Then this happened.

I was working on the comments on my blog when all of a sudden Alyn Day messaged me on FB. Tony, our mutual “publisher” at Undead Press had messaged her stating he was coming to see her… AT HER HOUSE!

Here’s the screenshot. Please share this as this is a THREAT and should not be tolerated. I was told not to email him again unless my lawyer was involved… There’s no lawyer coming to her house I suppose. PLEASE SHARE!


  1. Richard Thomas

    That’s ridiculous. And stupid. Crosses MANY lines, even if he’s just joking. His FB page is down, too.

  2. Lou Ann Warren

    Wow, this guys grammar and spelling is atrocious. He obviously does not know anything about editing, when he can’t even do his own. He is a joke in joker’s clothing. I hope karma comes up and kicks him in his sorry *ss.

  3. Richard Flores IV

    This guy is scary. Not to mention that bad impression he is giving on every independent press trying to make it out there. I’d wish we’d slink away from writing, publishing, and editing (if you can call what he does any of those things).

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