The Need for Preread.(ers)

After having read Kelli Owen’s second blog installment of Writing 101 for newbie writers like me, I’ve come to the realization that I’m missing something important in my path to success as a writer…


I have one and he reads EVERYTHING I send him. He takes really good notes for me and doesn’t hold back if a grouping of words make his brain hurt. (I tend to have a few of those.) He’s a great pre-reader, but he’s the only one.

Kelli mentions four kinds of prereaders she has to look over her work before she submits it.

1- The “nazi”*
2- The Fan
3- The Reader
4- The Writer

*No disrespect to anyone meant with this term, it just means he who watches everything.

I have one of four, I’ve got the first one. While one is better than none, I still need more.

“Psst, hey you… Yeah you, come here. Have I got a deal for you… You wanna be a pre-reader?”

Now I don’t know if which category you’d fall into, I don’t even know what I need for pre-readers.
Maybe I need an ADHD prereader, who can put my random phrasing back in order.
Ooh, or maybe i need an EXPLETIVE prereader, I’ve been known to swear a little (cough, whole lot, like a sailor, cough).
I also forget entire sentences or repeat them because I think way faster than I can write, so I should probably have someone watching for that too.

I’m not guaranteeing perfect stories, they’ll be fun at least.
AND you get to tell me when I mess up. I (sort of) have to listen to you. 😛

Please have imagination, because I do and my stories might border on the edge of “what the…?” kind of thinking.

(Just go with it, life is way better that way.)

If you’re interested in being a pre-reader, send me some info, such as your name, where you’re at in this great wide world and whatever else might come in handy pre-reader to have.  (Including you read She Makes Me Smile is a bonus because that means you’re one of the few on the way to being my biggest fan).

I can’t pay you BUT you’ll get my stories/novels/whatever-I-want-preread for free. *(That’s a savings of 99 cents right now!)


Once I get famous, I’ll come to your house, autograph whatever you want me to sign and leave a personalized answering machine message for you, telling the world I couldn’t have done it without you *insert name here* as my pre-reader.

You’ll be the envy of all your friends! 😀

Send your non-application like application to my email: mandydegeit at gmail. com
Or leave a comment here, so I can track you down.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Joseph Bouthiette Jr.

    I’d love to be a pre-reader! I work the duel role of being a reader and writer, so you can take that as you want. I have the added experience of being a proofreader for Lazy Fascist Press.

    Contact me at jbouthiettejr@gmail or on Facebook (we talked before, Ludeless Fist!).

  2. mlchesley

    Beta readers are the awesome sauce of the writing world… They help us fledglings in sooo many ways! I can’t begin to tell you how much mine have helped me. As for being a Beta for you, I would love to. (You should never have to pay a beta reader, by the way. They aren’t professional editors.) I’m pretty much a word nazi, I’m a fantasy author (soon to be published with Hellfire Publishing) and all around avid reader. Perhaps (if you like high fantasy) you could be a beta for me, too! You can contact me at paridzule(dot)keep(at)gmail(dot)com.

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