“This Only Happens In The Movies” eBook now available!

I just posted a new novelette/novelita on both Smashwords and Amazon.
For only $0.99 you can pick up a copy of “This Only Happens In The Movies”.

Cover by Bob Ford @ www.whutta.com

Cover by Bob Ford @ http://www.whutta.com

SYNOPSIS: By society’s standards, Brad Kempt was a loser. Physically unattractive, emotionally stunted and the brunt of everyone’s cruel taunting, Brad ekes through life as best he can. When the beautiful and amicable Sarah moves in next door, Brad finally finds something to focus his attention on. But that sort of attention isn’t always a good thing…

While I could have sent it in for submission, I decided to pair it with my other self-published story, “She Makes Me Smile” and print up a double sided chapbook.  *(I’ll have the chapbooks shortly and they’ll be available for $5.)

Thanks a bunch to Bob Ford at Whutta Design for designing the amazing cover! (He never ceases to amaze me.)

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it!
*(Feel free to leave a review as well. I love reader feedback!)


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