Have a book that needs promoting? Read this:

So you’ve just written a book but you don’t want to spend a small fortune (and possible a limb or two) on advertising?

“There’s only one reason to pay for advertising: to promote. There are only two reasons to promote: One – gain awareness. Two – make money.

If you spend $1000 on advertising and in return you receive $50 in sales, you’ll need $950 in brand awareness just to break even. However – if you spend $50 on advertising and receive $50 in sales, everything you gained in awareness is profit. As an advertiser, that’s what you’re looking for: PROFIT. If you spend $50 in advertising and receive $150 in return your profit is $100 plus awareness. In this case I would argue that every day you don’t spend $50 in advertising you are losing $100 plus brand awareness.

Question: How do you LOSE with advertising?
Answer: Spend too much and receive too little…”
Books of the Dead Press has stepped in to fill the demand for affordable advertising.

There are advertising options for every budget:

Option One: Blog Post plus tweets 
Price: $15 – one time fee.
Description: Send me your product info (up to 350 words). Include a link to your Amazon page if you’ve got one. I’ll create a blog post and tweet the hell out of it.

Option Two: Front Page Blog Promo
Price: $20 per week/$60 per month.
Description: Send me your Amazon link, or product info, and I’ll have it sit on the front page of the blog – top right hand corner – for all to see.

Option Three: Twitter Account Build 
Price: $30 per week – 4-week minimum.
Description: Having trouble gaining Twitter followers? Let me be your Twitter bitch. I’ll take any TWO accounts and I’ll get you thousands and thousands of Twitter followers. Not fake accounts… REAL accounts – YOUR TARGET MARKET. I guarantee a minimum of a least 5,000 new followers. (My first client gained over 1,000 new followers (horror fans) within the first 36 hours.)

Click here for more information.

Don’t miss out on getting your new book out there!


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