StoryTime at the Wicked Library

I was in the mood to hear my own stories this morning, while I caffeinated my face and woke up a little.
(Okay so this might be a little weird, but I don’t really care.)

I went looking for the podcast Nelson Pyles does, Story Time at the Wicked Library.
I was the featured author for episode #3, where he read three of my stories, Fatty, Summer Break and The Only Way.

I searched through my blog, looking for the post with the link and I realized I hadn’t written a post about it.
(In my defence, I was in Las Vegas when it first aired and well Vegas was keeping my busy… and drunk.)

So here’s the missing blog post with links to the podcast.
(For those of you who may have missed the original podcast or for people like me, who would like to hear it again.)


Check it out! It’s about a half hour long and Nelson does a fantastic job reading my stories.
(He even does voices!)


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