On the way home from Anthocon 2012, I was sitting in the back of the car playing on my iPhone, when I came across this beauty of a submission call.

After reading it out loud to my buddies in the car, we laughed and laughed and laughed (and laughed some more).


Now, let’s not all run out and write a story for this…
Actually, NOBODY should write a story for this.

Any guesses on who STFU Publishing belongs to?
(Yes, it’s actually called Shut The F*ck Up Publishing, the name itself should give you a little hint.)

He’s baaaaaaack!


Tony G. has reared his ugly head again.

I’m hoping you’ll share this post for two reasons.

  1. Protect the new authors who don’t know about him yet.
  2. It’s freaking hilarious.

I especially love this part.

“Formatting is how you like, but preferred is single spaced with no tabs. Have name address, phone number info on first page only. If you don’t want to put phone and other info that’s fine, but don’t bother submitting then, as there are times when direct communication is necessary during the editing process.”

It should say: “There are times when direct communication is necessary, unless I’m going to change everything in your story…”

For the few who don’t know what happened: Here’s a link.
“How my story was Tonied” By Mandy DeGeit 
Thanks for reading.


      • mandydegeit

        I never had a problem with the idea of rat stories. A story is a story. What was funny to me was the submission call itself was poorly written. (Demanding the phone number was quite funny as well.)

        Also, it’s the rat behind the anthology I’m more concerned about. 😀

        I’d keep the rat story for yourself and submit it to a worthy press!

  1. Nathaniel Tower

    Tony G called me last night regarding my story. His voice message said he liked it but wanted to change some names for obvious reasons. When I returned the call, he asked if it was a serious submission. He assumed I was some raving lunatic stalking him. I’d only heard of him a few days ago, so that obviously wasn’t the case. Well, I have to admit that after talking to him for 25 minutes or so, he sounds like a pretty normal person. He admitted that he’s done some things as an editor/publisher that people don’t like, but he also said he’s making some changes in the way he does things. I’ll keep everyone updated on what happens.

    • Richard Thomas

      Nathaniel, have you not been paying attention? If you’re doing this as a lark, so be it, but he’s a real jerk, I’d avoid him at all costs. I wouldn’t even send him a joke story, he’s so mentally unstable. “Done some things people don’t like”? You mean like rewrite stories and cut stories out and get names and titles wrong? He’s a real ass. AVOID.

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