Authors : Why Twisted Dreams is a publisher to avoid.

burningbridgesAfter the whole She Makes Me Smile fiasco and the major backlash a certain editor received from the writing community, you’d think people would know to play nice with each other.

As fellow author and friend, Andrew Wolter proved, this always isn’t the case.

Everything stemmed from a comment left on a sub call by the editor of Twisted Dreams, Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc.

After working your way through the messy (and incomprehensible) guidelines, there was a comment from an author at the bottom of the page. The author was asking about pay rates. Simple enough, right?


The editor in question’s answer was mean-spirited and ugly.  Andrew posted an open letter/comment to Andrea, who wrote back in return. While the comment’s been removed from the Twisted Dreams website, you can see the entire conversation on Andrew’s blog, HERE. (Please take the time to check out the link, her response is egotistically driven, unneeded and appalling.)

The publisher’s level of professionalism is non-existant. New and aspiring writers, please remember just because you are new, this does NOT allow publishers (or anyone else for that matter) to use you or abuse you. They are making money from the work you have created and should treat you just like anyone else wants to be treated.

Don’t let anyone bully you into thinking otherwise.

Write well.

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