140 Proof and whatever comes with that…

I’ve taken to just posting when I have something “important” to talk about.

Or when I’ve read a book that deserves to be reviewed …

This amounts to “not that many blog posts” and when I think of it, I really should be posting more often.

I figured what better time to post than when I’m a few drinks in and ready to talk.

So here it is… 😉

What’s going on in MandyLand…

1 – I’m working on a co-written novel with someone. I love the premise, but I’m struggling cause I didn’t come up with the characters. It’s so hard to throw yourself into the story when someone else came up with it…

2 – I’m working on the backstory to Does This Look Infected? It was once the goriest story I’ve written, but it struggled… It didn’t have meaning, it didn’t have a storyline, it was just sex and gore for no reason… Is that bad? Not really. Is it the be all and end all of my writing? Not even close. I thought it was done, well I assumed it was done and I sent it in and I was rejected…

Why? Cause there was no story line to it. I get that, I wrote it like that. I’m working on it now, for it to make better sense.. Will it? I have no idea, but I hope so.

3 – I have to reread and finish the zombie novel I’ve started.

I’m hoping it’s something people can latch onto, it had strong characters, a good story line and something that hasn’t been done in zombie novels before. Will it catch on? I don’t know, but I sure as hell hope so. It’s what’s on the way…

4 – I am re-editing a horrotica story for an antho that’s due in November.

I love this story, I’m working to make this story acceptable. I want this publisher to love this story like I do, but I  have to make it work. It’s all about sex and well, horror…

4 – I’ve started a new novel… It’s very personal and  all about me. This makes it the most challenging thing I’ve ever written.

More on that later, as I get it written…

That’s all for now. Enjoy the readables…


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