Review: Bob’s Book Of Baby Madness by Robert Ford

Bob's BookI was flipping through my Kindle for something to read, when I came across Bob’s Book of Baby Madness. I’d totally forgotten about purchasing this until I saw it and figured why not. I was on a flight home for the holidays, so I jumped into the book. Now I’m not a parent, but even still I really enjoyed this book. (I assume people with children would definitely be able to relate more to what is said in the book.) Needless to say, I ripped through it in one sitting. Ford walks you through every step of having a child, from the “I’m pregnant” moment to the beauty and horror of delivery and into the first few months of being a new parent. The book is really well written, funny and informative. I’m sure it would appeal to those who already have kids, people who are thinking of having kids or ones like me, who have no children at all.

If you’re looking for something different, check out Bob’s Book Of Baby Madness.

Pick up your copy here. 

I give this one five out of five.

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