Practical Class 2015: Breads, and Bruises.

I just finished a kick ass practical class. Today wasn’t a special practical class, actually that was last week. My hey-day. I got to be Chef of the Day. This is where I choose the menu, and get to run the kitchen and expedite on line. Even though it was all that awesome, for some reason, last week still wasn’t as good as today was.

Today, and yesterday for our 3 hour mise class, I was designated “Bread”. (Mise en place is a culinary term that means “to put everything in it’s place”. It pretty much just means prep day.) I was given two recipes and some free reign. I decided to challenge myself, since I’m lacking stress in my life apparently…

I made 6 types of bread for the bread basket. Baguette, cuban rolls, sesame and poppy seed crackers, and three types of biscuit (roasted garlic and herb, chipotle pepper and green onion, and kalamata olive, parmesan and fresh oregano.


It was like a bread buffet in there.


On the down side, I also nearly cut off my fingertip while cutting meat, burned the inside of my thumb pretty back on a sheet pan, due to a searing hot sheet pan and nearly fractured my pelvic bone with the unplanned smashing of a badly-placed sheet pan corner. *(Misjudged how far I was from the counter and hit the counter-mount can opener… Walking fail.)

I never had time to stop, so my finger didn’t have time to rest. I changed the bandages and finger cots four times during service but had to spend the after-service meeting with my hand in the air trying to staunch the blood flow. Chef kept asking me if I had to go to the bathroom… Har har. 😀

I’m super impressed with how my breads turned out. It makes me want to start baking more at home, and once I catch up on the homework, I will. I promised some friends that I would do a blog post for them about making pancakes. I had the bright idea that maybe I could do a video one, but then again maybe not… I’m not really super handy when it comes to videos, but I’ll try. 😀 Worse off, it’ll be another reading one like this one.

So that’s all for me. I’ll post a photo tomorrow of the bruise on my hip. I have to clean out the iPhone as there’s no more room. #foodiephotoproblems101.

Have a good night and go eat some bread. 😉


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