Looking forward instead of behind.

I see a lot of people talking about posting blog posts about their 2015 year. While I had an amazing 2015, I don’t think I could write anything that would explain how perfect my 2015 was. Between our wedding, my near death, my graduation and our purchasing the farm, that alone would have taken up a multitude of pages on the world-wide inter webs and there’s no way I could begin to have done that year justice.

Instead, I’ve decided to post about  what’s to come in Mandy da Costa’s life… Yeah, I’ve even changed my name, being old-fashioned, I always wanted to take my husband’s name. Hasn’t changed much, mind you. I’m still keeping Mandy DeGeit for my writing though, no worries as this website won’t change. So much will change though, and I think 2016 will definitely give 2015 a run for it’s money.

The Dandy Little Farm: So Dan and I have bought a farm.  We’re just outside of Amherst, Nova Scotia, on 42 acres, with a mature apple orchard. We have over 150 trees, with quite possibly 10 different varieties of apples. The first thing that came to mind was cider.  Dan wants to raise sheep for meat and I want to have a flock of ducks for meat and eggs. I will work on agriculture as well, both for something to sell at the farmers’ markets and enough greenery to sustain Dan and I through the year. We have talked about building a commercial kitchen, converting the old farmhouse into a bed and breakfast and even building an abattoir. There’s so much possibility for our new homestead.

I’m heading out to the farm in March-ish… I say “ish” as it totally depends on the weather. Dan will continue working for a bit before coming out full-time, we need a tractor and those things are pricey.

Between the cider, sheep, ducks and vegetable garden, I see a lot of work ahead, but I think what we reap, in both food and experience, will be amazing.

We’ve already set up the Facebook page and the Dandy Little website, so you can follow along with our foray into farming.

The Dandy Little Family: We’re getting a puppy in April. We’ve put a deposit down for a female German Shepherd puppy from Narnia Kennels in Fredricton, NB. She’s going to be part companion, part working dog for the farm. I’m excited. I’ve been reading all the books on training, as I will be the one working with her everyday. I keep checking the website to see if there’s news of her conception yet, but still nothing. They’re waiting for her mother to go into heat. We’ve decided to name her Fraulien Speck von Dandy Little aka Miss Bacon, but just Speck for short. I’m excited for April. We’ve already started buying stuff for her.

Mandy the Author: I’ve slacked on writing, being in school put a damper on my doing anything not cooking related, but now I’m back. I have a plan to finish my zombie novel, YAMMAGEDDON! the yam novella, finish my short story collection and start a recipe book. I’m sure there will be random short stories written as well.

Mandy the Chef: Sometimes I wonder why I went to culinary school, as it seems my life has taken an entirely different route… but cooking will always be a skill set that I can use. Once the commercial kitchen is built, the opportunities will be endless. For now, Mandy the Chef will focus on being Mandy the Cider BrewMaster. I do have a page set up for The Dandy Little Chef on FB if you want to see what I’ve been making.

That’s about all I have planned so far. Seems like a lot, but if anyone can maintain this many hats, it’s me. I’m excited for what’s to come in the new year, I hope and wish everyone else a wonderful 2016.

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