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Who is Mandy  – The Chef In Training?

Technically, I’m not even in training yet, unless you count the years and years of kitchen practice as training. I’ve applied for Culinary Management at the local college and am currently waiting to hear back regarding the winter intake, which starts in January. (That’s what I get for applying two weeks before the start of the school year, I missed out on the September intake.) But that’s okay! Gives me more time to practice and finalize all the writing stuff I have outstanding. Ultimately, within the next few months, I’ll be a culinary student. In two years, I’ll be a culinary school graduate and a chef.

As of now, I’m just me, she who likes to cook, and this is my foodblog.


It’s March 24th 2015 and I’m about 4 weeks to graduation from culinary school. It’s been an amazing run and I can’t wait to get that diploma that I’ve been striving for. Funny thing is, part way through my culinary excursion at Algonquin, I’ve decided to not find a job in the culinary industry, but the fiancé and I are buying a farm. (On a good note, I’ll still be cooking and writing, so I’ll just add one more section to this blog, or I’ll open up another on for the farm.)

Please keep following me, as the writer, the cook and the farmer.