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Mandy Co-hosts KettleWhistle Radio

Back in 2012, David Fairhead asked me to cohost his podcast KettleWhistle Radio with him.
I was all for it, even though I think I sound like a man on radio/podcast, and we ended up recording last week sometime.

David posted the podcast on its usual Monday and I was more than impressed with my first attempt at co-hosting.

Here’s where you can listen to the infamous podcast.

I think it went well and I have to say I would definitely love doing any form of podcast hosting again.
This had made me think about starting my own podcast. I know that I would have more than enough to talk about. 😉


Mandy Kettle Whstle

Mandy’s End Of Year Recap: 2012

I’m a little late with this post, but I figured better late than never. Besides, with a memory like mine, it’s not that easy to figure out what I’ve done and when. I suppose I could just scroll through my blog to see what’s happened, but I figured I’d try to reminice on my own.

This past year has been a whirlwind of events I never thought possible. (Most of it thanks to the story, She Makes Me Smile. On that note, I’ve reread SMMS recently, and I have already noticed my growth as a writer. It’s not that I don’t like SMMS, I still really do, but there is a lot more editing I’d throw in there, if I have a chance to “redo” it one day.) Anyways, aside from me using the words “just” and “that” way less when I write, 2012 has also been a monumental year for many other reasons.

First of all, in 2012 I’ve added tons of new friends into my life. Not just friends, but a support group of peers who understand what being a writer is like. My Facebook friends list has expanded exponentially (which could be seen as a problem as well, since FB is my main way to procrastinate from writing. I talk WAY too much for my own good.)

I won’t even attempt to mention the people I’ve met, since I’ve added nearly 700 people onto my FB page, but you know who you are.

To all those I’ve met this year, or knew before, thanks for coming into my life. I appreciate your friendship for sure. *Hugs*

On top of adding to my friends list on FB, I’ve had the chance to attend my first conventions as an author. I was lucky enough to attend Horrorfind 14, KillerCon 5 and Anthocon 2. Conventions are awesome, they allow me to put a face to a name for those who I may have only known online before. I think attending conventions could possible rank up there as one of my most favourite things in the world. And not only cause I can drink my face off and I’m not the only one who is doing it. (Although it does help a lot.)

*Insert random anthem here* I pledge allegiance to the Bucket Of Vodka Gummies!

Between readings and panels, conventions have solidified my love for being in front of a crowd. Not that I really needed the reassurance, but I’m glad I had the chance to do this and look forward to many more in 2013.

I sold my first book at a con this year, actually on that note, I sold my first everything this year and that make’s me smile. (Sorry, haha, I had to put that in somewhere… :P)

The one thing I didn’t get done in 2012 was to complete a novel. I suppose I can’t have everything the first year, but it would’ve been nice. *Shrug* I suppose this gives me something to strive for in 2013. I do have a few on the go (don’t we all). I’ve been working on a zombie novel, a collection of erotiporn stories, a slew of novellas and a crapload of short stories. (I’m all over the freaking map, but I like it that way.)

One of my goals this year is to not be so procrastinatey when it comes to writing, but then again it did take me 12 days into the new year to get this blog posted…

In 2012, I was a horror writer, but this might change in 2013. I’ve noticed my some of my stories have been taking on a bizarro-esque theme, much more than horror these days. My editor calls these stories bizarro-light. Between horror and bizarro, I also write smut or erotiporn. Well that’s what I call it, if my bizarro is “bizarro-light” then my smut is “erotica-hard”. I’ve blended the sex with horror, which gave me the genre I coined “horrotica”. Yes I like to make up my own words and genres. I think for 2013 I’m just going to keep writing what my head wants to write, it seems to have worked for 2012.

In conclusion, 2012 was good great amazing! I want to thank all the people who’ve been there for me all along like my friends and family. You’ve all put up with my insanity and I wouldn’t be the person I am now if it wasn’t for the people I have around me. It’s been a crazy ride in life, but I’m so happy to have you all as passengers. I love you guys.

Now I’m just getting sappy, so this is where I’ll end it.

Best wishes to everyone in 2013.
Hope to meet you if we haven’t crossed paths yet and to those I have met, let’s meet again.
I’ll bring the gummy worms. 😉

Vodka Soaked Gummy Worms

Vodka Soaked Gummy Worms











All I want for Xmas… and then some. :)

In the beginning of December, I received a message from Colum McKnight from asking me to voice in on what I wanted for Xmas.

“Hey Mandy, is there any chance you’d write a quick and fun post about what you want or Christmas. I have a few authors on board and want to hear what craziness you’d have to say.”

Well, funny he would ask that, as I do have craziness to share. (There’s always enough crazy to go around in my world.)

Here’s a fun blog post about what I would ask for Santa to bring me for Xmas…
IF, I can stay off the naughty girls list.

World Domination, Tattoos, and A Whole Lot of Minions: Author Mandy DeGeit Shares Her Wants and Needs for Christmas

Thanks for reading.

An Interview Like No Other.

I had the pleasure to sit down will Jason Wayne Allen, author of Celebutante Meat House and fellow author in Zombie! Zombie! Brain Bang! for an interview.

What’s the result of letting him dig through my twisted mind?
This interesting yet messed-up interview about writing, Shania Twain, clone sex, Canadian housing security and much more.

He even added photos of me which feeds the ego I try so hard to keep contained.

Check it out, I can’t guarantee it won’t change your view on me, nor do I supply the brain bleach for once you’re done.

Who knows?
You might just enjoy it.


Kettle Whistle Radio Podcast #12 – Nelson Pyles & Mandy DeGeit

I was contacted by David Fairhead, broadcaster at Red Horse Radio, and asked to call in as a surprise guest for his upcoming Kettle Whistle Radio show. (Podcast #12).

David was interviewing my fellow author friend and broadcaster of Story Time at the Wicked Library, Nelson Pyles.

Here’s the link for the broadcast.
We chit chat about Nelson, me, writing, hockey and whatever else comes to mind.

Check it out!

(Oh yeah and I’ve been asked to appear on the show again in the near future, so I’ll keep you all posted.)


STOP: It’s the Haunted Halloween Blog Tour 2012

I was recently asked to be part of the Haunted Halloween Blog Tour 2012. Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I love to be part of things, so it was no surprise I said yes. I had the choice to either host a blog or interview. I picked the latter, mostly because I always have something to ask someone.

The recievers of said questioning were none other than:

Armand Rosamilia:


Tonia Brown

(Now you know what they look like… Just in case.)

I suppose I should be fair (and conceited)… This is me:

Alright, enough wasting time with pictures… Let’s get on with this interview!

Hi! *shakes hands* I’d like to first start off by saying thanks for asking me to be part of this.

Now, I’m not going to guarantee my questions are “normal” but I’ll try to keep them as sensical as possible. I’m going to start with a writing question, since I’m just a newbie writer and am still learning A LOT from the more seasoned authors.

1 – Whenever I’m on vacation I seem to fall off the writing wagon when I’m away from the house. How are you guys in this respect to discipline? Do you try to keep on schedule or make up for missed words when you’re back to the grind?

Tonia Brown: I usually take two vacations a year, a week at May Day and a week for Halloween. Both are functional because our church stays busy at these times of year. (We have a big gathering at both Beltane and Samhain.) I need to be off of the night job so I can get other stuff done. In respects to that, when I am off for these weeks, I don’t really have time to write. It’s sort of a vacation from everything else so I can focus on this one thing until it is done.

Armand Rosamilia: I just came off a 10 day ‘vacation’ with Biketoberfest being down here in Florida. I spend my time eating out, drinking way too many beers, and hanging out until 2 am and then having to still get up at 6 am to take my son to school. Didn’t get any writing done worth a crap, and now I’ll spend the week trying to play catch-up. But it is so worth it to make pretend I am a bad ass biker dude for a few days before driving away in the beat-up Kia Spectra. It’s red, by the way… very bad ass color.

Tonia, I think I need to get myself on a better schedule and Armand, I made your answers red because of the bad-ass colour comment. (I am Canadian, so bear with my extra vowels…) Okay, here’s one more “Help-Mandy-Write” question and this one’s about writer’s block or how you deal with said blockage.

2 – When the ideas just aren’t flowing, what’s would be the strangest thing you do (or have done) to get yourself back in the word groove?

Tonia Brown: When a book is being particularly difficult, I talk to myself, or rather I talk to the character that I am struggling with. I clean house or take a walk or drive, and while I am doing this mundane task I interview my character and take mental notes on their reactions to my questions. I don’t do this in my head, I do it aloud. And yes, I switch voices back and forth. How else would I know when it is me talking and when it is the character?

Armand Rosamilia: I once wrote an entire short story on napkins, sitting in a diner by myself, and mumbling it out the entire time. The waitress must have thought I was crazy, with me grunting dialogue and jumping around like I was drunk. Hell, I now remember I was drunk when I wrote it. I must have looked insane… 3 am, smelling like beer, talking to myself and asking for more napkins.

Ahhh, so it’s focus I require. Hmmm focus eh… I think I can work on, ooooh look, A SQUIRREL!
Off writing now and onto Halloween! (There’s that lack of focus again…)

3 – What are your Halloween plans for this year? Do you usually go all out with the decorating and costumes or do you keep it more low-key and save the scares for your writing?

Tonia Brown: The husband and I decorate the house a bit, but we live out in the sticks so it’s just for our benefit. Fifteen years we’ve lived here and we have never gotten a trick-or-treater. We went to one party this year so far, and should hit a few haunted houses closer to the actual day of Halloween. My husband had a silly idea to be the pope as a werewolf, or as he called it the Lycanthropope. (Long story, don’t ask!) I was left with little choice but to be his Papal Bull.


Aside from that, our church has a big Samhain service planned that should be awesome. It always is. We reenact the descent of Inanna into the underworld, and have a dumb supper and everything. It’s so much fun.

Armand Rosamilia: I need to go to Tonia’s for Halloween. Living in Florida for the holidays is so boring. No one goes out and trick or treats, I take my daughter to the mall for candy. My two older kids aren’t even interested anymore. I’d love to say I run a haunted house or chase the neighborhood kids with an axe, but I treat it like every other day.

I’m heading to Tonia’s with you next year, all I do here is chase kids with an axe… and it’s not all it’s cut out to be. *Shrugs* Maybe it would be better if I could catch the little bastards, but I just figure “Hey, at least I’m exercising!”

My stomach just growled… On that note, here’s question #4 😀

4 – Have you ever eaten/tried brains? (Maybe not a good idea to divulge if you’ve eaten human brains… I’m thinking animal…) If not, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever tried? (I wanted to say “put in your mouth” but opted for the cleaner version. Hehe!)

Tonia Brown: I have never had brains, but only because I’ve never had the opportunity. I would probably try them if offered. I will pretty much try anything once. (Yes, read into that as much as you like, it’s all true!) I think horse is the weirdest thing I have eaten, mainly because folks don’t eat it anymore like they used to.

Armand Rosamilia: So many dirty, dirty thoughts about Tonia and Mandy went through my head… I am such a wimp when it comes to food. I’ve never eaten anything strange or stuff I don’t absolutely know what it is. Hell, I don’t even eat condiments: no ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo… boring. Why am I starting to see a pattern to this interview? Tonia does crazy cool stuff and I am so damn boring…

They sell horse meat here in Quebec but not in Ontario, so I’m not too sure about it, but my good friend loves it. I’m a foodie, so I tend to try everything once. Yes, brains are on my list.

Last question. A correct answer here is worth 1000$ dollars!
(Okay, there’s no money, but I figured it would make a good lead in.)

5 – You find a genie in a bottle, but the cheap bastard only gives you one wish… What do you wish for? (More wishes or another genie do not count.)

Tonia Brown: The ability to know just what to say to resolve any conflict. I’m not saying I would always do it, but it would be useful to know how to help. Either that or a never-ending bucket of fried chicken. Yea gods, I love fried chicken.

Armand Rosamilia: World peace and to end hunger. Nah, screw that. I want the ability to either eat anything I like but to suddenly be totally fit and even hotter than I am (if it’s even possible)… or the power to move you.

Well, I’m about 160lbs… Pretty sure you can move me just by shoving me. If you catch me unaware, I’d probably catch air. How’s that for the power to move me? And Tonia, I’ll be over with chicken as soon as possible… 😉

And that concludes my five question interview with Tonia Brown and Armand Rosamilia.
Thanks so much for including me in your Haunted Halloween Blog Tour and taking the time to chat with me.




Having Words – Bob Ford

Bob FordOne of my first experiences with live readings was at Horrorfind 13 where Bob Ford read the introductory chapters of Samson and Denial. As I finished the novella at home, I could hear the characters in my mind, just as he read them. His animated reading lent voices to the already amazing characters and I burned through the leftover pages.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Bob to chat about life, his writing and what’s coming down the pipeline.

Mandy: Thanks for taking the time to answer my inane and not so inane questions. Let’s start with inane. What are five words your friends would use to describe you?

Bob: Creative. Strategic. Hippie. Mentally unstable.

Mandy: Ha, I believe the mentally unstable part lends well to writers in general. Aside from writing, what do you do for your day job?

Bob: I’ve done advertising and graphic design for the last twenty-two years, fifteen of which have been on my own. I handle projects for Fortune 500 companies, as well as small businesses. It has its perks, but also it’s headaches like any other job.

Mandy: Unfortunately headaches and jobs seem to go hand in hand. Here’s a somewhat job-related question for you, if you could get any one thing, money is no option, what would you buy?

Bob: Even if money wasn’t an option, I don’t think “technically” I could buy a midget. I might be able to rent one for a while though. The honest answer though, is if money wasn’t an option, I’d build my parents a new home and horse barn. They’ve worked hard through their life and I’d love to be able to do that for them.

 Mandy: Maybe you can get a midget barn… Ha! Time for a change of topic methinks. 😀 Like most authors, when we’re not writing or working, we’re probably reading (or sleeping). What’s in your to be read pile?

Bob: I am poorly slacking this year with reading a lot, but (and yes, it’s a sad truth), I have yet to read Kelli Owen’s “White Picket Prisons”. Since seeing the movie “Savages”, I really want to read Don Winslow’s book and the prequel “The Kings of Cool”.

This year I’ve been reading a lot of things for the day job instead of fiction. Exciting things about bituminous asphalt and hydraulic industrial piping in factory lines.

Mandy: Sounds fantastically interesting. *Insert sarcastic smile here.* I just finished reading Samson and Denial and loved it for the second time round, maybe even more this time. Aside from Samson what other work have you published?

Bob: I’ve published a handful of short stories. Off the top of my head, “Free Ride Angie” in Insidious Reflections magazine, “Georgie” in a Halloween issue of Shroud, “In Darker Waters” in the anthology “Fell Beasts”, and in a limited edition Christmas gift Brian Keene gave out to his fans one year, I had a short story titled “Bloodlegum and Lolliknives” published. That was a lot of fun. Hmmm, let’s see. Oh, my short story “The Tastes of Our Indiscretions” was in a chapbook accompanying the anthology “Dark Faith” by Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon.

I turned from writing fiction for a few years and focused on screenplays but Hollywood is a tough path. I had a few close calls where everything was lined up on a script, but didn’t work out. I think I’ll be sticking to prose fiction for the foreseeable future.

Mandy: I’ve read Free Ride Angie, it was in the chapbook with a short story called “Bluebottle Summer” and loved both stories. Is there anything else coming down the pipeline?

Bob: As I write this, I’m about seven thousand words away from finishing a novel titled “The Compound”. I was swamped with work from my day job this week and the chapter I’ve left my characters hanging in is…well, to put it bluntly, the shit is hitting the fan in the worst way. I can’t wait to get back to them and finish it off.

After “The Compound”, I’ll be working on a novella and then the novel-length sequel to “Samson and Denial” titled “The Crimson Sisters”. A lot of people have asked me if there’s going to be a sequel and I love the character of Samson Gallows. I understand him as a person very well and I can tell you in the sequel, he’s got some problems headed toward him in a very big way.

I’ve got another novel in the works as well titled “No Lipstick in Avalon” that’s completely out of the horror genre. The title came to me one day and rattled around in the back of my head until the story concept decided to present itself. I’m about a third of the way finished and I think readers will really enjoy the story because the main character has such a strong voice.

Mandy: Wow, that’s a lot on your plate, I have trouble focusing on one thing at a time. How do you set your writing goals?

Bob: I suppose the goals themselves come from the strength of the story idea for me. Like any writer, I’ve got pages of notes that include titles, bits of dialogue or exchanges between characters. Some of those ideas, as a writer, you just know they have some meat to them and are going to be a novella or a novel. Other ideas come off as only a short story and others…others should be left on the page of notes where they are.

I write the ideas that interest me enough, regardless of the genre. If the story is enough to hold my interest and become involved with the characters, I can only hope that translates to the reader being interested and involved with the story as well. It’s worked for me so far at least.

Mandy: When you are writing, it there a certain type of music you write to?

Bob: I’ve got a seriously eclectic taste in music but it’s usually a mix of Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Jack White, Beastie Boys, N.W.A., The Black Keys…pretty much anything that I can find a serious rhythm to as I’m typing. Once I get into that zone and can crank out the words, the music helps me keep the rhythm of typing. It’s an amazing mental state of mind to be in.

Mandy: Follow up question… Who inspires you to write?

Bob: Readers inspire me. I love doing readings to a live audience to see their emotional reaction. Remembering if they laugh or cried or got a certain look in their eyes always helps me with whatever I’m working on next.

Mandy: Do you have any upcoming appearances for 2012 where the above mentioned readers might be able to find you?

Bob: I’m laying a little low this year for appearances as I’ve been focusing on the pages more than anything, but I’ll be at HorrorFind weekend in Gettysburg, PA and if finances can swing it, you might see me at a few other conventions.

Mandy: And the final question–the one I seem to ask with every interview–do you have any advice for other writers?

Bob: The best advice is the advice most often repeated by other writers who have been doing this way longer than I have. Ass in chair. Write. It’s the only true way to get anything done.

As for my own personal advice, I’d tell other writers to not put it off. If you think you have a talent and a gift to tell stories, don’t put it off or else time will slip by and before you know it, you’ll be the person in their late sixties telling someone else how you had a great idea for a book when you were younger but you never got around to writing it.

Don’t die with your music still in you.

Mandy: Excellent advice. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me and I am seriously stoked for the sequel to Samson.

To the readers, if you haven’t read Samson and Denial, do it. You don’t want to be behind when the sequel is released. Trust me. 🙂
Get it here for Kindle.