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Review: Bob’s Book Of Baby Madness by Robert Ford

Bob's BookI was flipping through my Kindle for something to read, when I came across Bob’s Book of Baby Madness. I’d totally forgotten about purchasing this until I saw it and figured why not. I was on a flight home for the holidays, so I jumped into the book. Now I’m not a parent, but even still I really enjoyed this book. (I assume people with children would definitely be able to relate more to what is said in the book.) Needless to say, I ripped through it in one sitting. Ford walks you through every step of having a child, from the “I’m pregnant” moment to the beauty and horror of delivery and into the first few months of being a new parent. The book is really well written, funny and informative. I’m sure it would appeal to those who already have kids, people who are thinking of having kids or ones like me, who have no children at all.

If you’re looking for something different, check out Bob’s Book Of Baby Madness.

Pick up your copy here. 

I give this one five out of five.

Review: Things Slip Through by Kevin Lucia

Things Slip Through (with titles) 8When I first started reading Kevin Lucia’s book, I was extremely happy to have a new collection in my hands. Little did I know how sneaky Lucia was in putting together his book. As I approached the end of the first “story”, I thought to myself, Holy crap it’s a story within a story… How ingenious is this? As I kept reading, I realized it was a collection of stories, embedded into another story, which in turn makes it a novel. A very well written novel at that.

Story after story are laid out amongst the tales of four friends, Father Ward, Fitzy, Gavin and Chris. Chris, the sheriff of Clifton Heights, is trying  to piece together the strange happenings of their little town. He finds out that his four closest friends know more than they’ve let on.

Since Things Slip Through is a story collection within a novel, I was hard pressed to pick out any single story that was better than the rest as they were all excellent and all played integral parts to the overall storyline.

This book should be picked up by all, as it’s sure to appeal to anyone who loves great stories. I highly recommandy this one.

Five out of five stars.


Recipe: ABC (Apple, Beet and Carrot) Salad with Lime & Ginger Dressing

The last trip to the grocery store resulted in me buying a 10 lb bag of beets. While I love pickled beets, I’ve already got a huge jar of picked beets in the fridge, thanks to Costco. I was looking for other things to make with the beets and I thought, “Hey, salad.”  I’ve made a roasted beet salad before, which turned out most excellent, but this time I decided to do a raw salad. The colours are super bright and I’m sure this would make a fantastic addition to any meal.

ABC Salad

1 peeled and grated red beet (I use gloves so the juice doesn’t stain everything.)
1 peeled and grated carrot
1 peeled and grated apple (I used a Cortland and immediately squeezed some fresh lemon juice on it, so it didn’t start to brown.)
1 tbsp peeled and grated fresh ginger
1 tbsp honey
Juice of 1 room temp lime*
Salt and Pepper to taste
*I keep a few lemons and limes at room temperature at all times. This allows for more juice to be expelled from the fruit. If you can’t keep them at room temp, try microwaving it, or submerging it in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. Also, roll the lime between your hand and the counter top, this helps release more juice.
1 – Combine the apple, beet and carrot in a bowl.
2 – In another bowl, whisk together the ginger, honey and lime juice.
3 – Add the dressing to the salad, toss and add salt and pepper to taste. Refrigerate until needed.
Crunchy and tangy, filled with awesome anti-oxidants, this recipe will definitely be made again in my house. I think next time I’ll add some greenery to it, fresh parsley maybe. 😀
Chef-In-Training Mandy

Review: Starers by Nathan Robinson

starers copy

“Imagine if you found yourself the attention of the entire world . . .

The dysfunctional Keene family awaken one Saturday to find several strangers and neighbours staring at their home. Events turn more bizarre when more hypnotised strangers arrive, all seemingly transfixed with those within the Keene household. As the ominous crowd gathers and grows larger by the hour the Keene’s find themselves under siege in their own home. With hundreds, then thousands of bodies pressing against the walls of their home, a rising body count and grim premonitions plaguing their dreams, the family must work together to discover who or what is controlling the Starers.”

Nathan Robinson‘s novella, “Starers” is a fun, creepy little read. With horror these days, it seems like everything’s being done, redone and done once again. In Starers, Nathan takes a different approach on what creepy is, building suspense with each and every Starer who arrives outside the Keene family home.

Starers was an entertaining read. Definitely something different, the premise having intrigued me from the start. Nathan Robinson has a way of keeping you entranced throughout the story. His descriptive storytelling paints a picture for the reader with every turn of the page, or in this case, flip of the Kindle Page.

You can pick up your copy of Starers here.

Four Out Of Five Stars

140 Proof and whatever comes with that…

I’ve taken to just posting when I have something “important” to talk about.

Or when I’ve read a book that deserves to be reviewed …

This amounts to “not that many blog posts” and when I think of it, I really should be posting more often.

I figured what better time to post than when I’m a few drinks in and ready to talk.

So here it is… 😉

What’s going on in MandyLand…

1 – I’m working on a co-written novel with someone. I love the premise, but I’m struggling cause I didn’t come up with the characters. It’s so hard to throw yourself into the story when someone else came up with it…

2 – I’m working on the backstory to Does This Look Infected? It was once the goriest story I’ve written, but it struggled… It didn’t have meaning, it didn’t have a storyline, it was just sex and gore for no reason… Is that bad? Not really. Is it the be all and end all of my writing? Not even close. I thought it was done, well I assumed it was done and I sent it in and I was rejected…

Why? Cause there was no story line to it. I get that, I wrote it like that. I’m working on it now, for it to make better sense.. Will it? I have no idea, but I hope so.

3 – I have to reread and finish the zombie novel I’ve started.

I’m hoping it’s something people can latch onto, it had strong characters, a good story line and something that hasn’t been done in zombie novels before. Will it catch on? I don’t know, but I sure as hell hope so. It’s what’s on the way…

4 – I am re-editing a horrotica story for an antho that’s due in November.

I love this story, I’m working to make this story acceptable. I want this publisher to love this story like I do, but I  have to make it work. It’s all about sex and well, horror…

4 – I’ve started a new novel… It’s very personal and  all about me. This makes it the most challenging thing I’ve ever written.

More on that later, as I get it written…

That’s all for now. Enjoy the readables…

Four Audio MandyStories On The Wicked Library!


Listen in to The Wicked Library as Nelson Pyles covers the following four stories in the half-hour podcast:

“Humanification” – Published in Zombie! Zombie! Brain Bang! by StrangeHouse Books

“Dead Things Don’t Rise” – Published in Fifty Shades of Decay by Angelic Knight Press

“F*cking The Dog” – Soon to be published in Shifters by Hazardous Press

“Desperation” – Unpublished flash story

^^^Maddie Von Stark is responsible for the wicked cover art for the episode.

Happy listening! 😀


MandyReads: Strangehouse does Strangehouse Part 3

Zombie Bang coverLast week I recorded a short video of me reading an excerpt from Jason Wayne Allen’s story “Zombies Of East Jesus”, which can be found in Strangehouse Books “Zombie! Zombie! Brain Bang!” anthology. 

Just cause I’m Canadian and French, I decided to read it in French and in English. 

Click here to see the video.

Click here to purchase a copy of ZZBB!

Happy reading (and watching)!