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  1. matthewkirshenblatt

    Hi Mandy:

    I’m just thinking about some of the written Interviews I’ve seen you in and I find I can’t resist in giving you a nomination for the Reality Blog Award. It is a meme, but kind of like an interview. I was just as astonished to get nominated or have it passed to me as well. You can find the details here: I don’t know if you would be interested in responding to it, but I think any excuse to express your dark side tor what-not is a good thing. Maybe you can even end it with a creepy twist. Take care.

    — Matthew K.

  2. matthewkirshenblatt

    Hello again Mandy:

    Guess what? I’m nominating you for another Award meme-thing. It is The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I think your posts about watching where you publish, and the horror stories that one does not want to experience as such are very important. As such, I’m going to give you the details about this particular meme here: And you are awesome. Take care now.

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