“Inviolable” (Reprint) – Flash Forge – Riot Forge Studios
Online: Free: August 2015

“Home Renovations” – Girls Rock Horror Harder Volume #2 – Forsaken Hooligans
Emagazine: Amazon: August 2015

“Inviolable” – Ice Bat Charity Anthology – Brian Keene
Emagazine: Amazon – May 2014

“Le Petit Mort” – Of Devils and Deviants – Crowded Quarantine Productions
Ebook and Paperback: Amazon – May 2014

“Does This Look Infected?” – Hazardous Encounters
Ebook: Amazon: December 2013

“Looking For Love Under All The Wrong Laces” (Short Story) FEET! Anthology: Dynatox Ministries
Paperback: Winter 2013

“I Am But A Balloon”  (Flash story) – Queefrotica Anthology: Atrophied Gangsters –
Ebook and Paperback: Amazon: Fall 2013

Desperation” (Flash Story) – Anthology: Year Two – Four Horsemen
Ebook and Paperback: Amazon: Fall 2013

Fatty” (Flash Story) – Dark Bits Anthology – Apokrupha
Ebook and Paperback: Amazon: September 2013

F*cking The Dog” (Flash story) & “Hooray for Boners” (Short story) – Shifters Anthology – Hazardous Press –
Ebook and Paperback: Amazon: June 2013

The Flight” (Short Story) – Dark Eclipse #22 – Dark Moon Books
Ebook: Amazon: May 2013

Morning Sickness” (Short Story) – Mistresses Of The Macabre Anthology – Dark Moon Books
Paperback: Amazon: March 2013

Dead Things Don’t Rise” (Short Story) – 50 Shades of Decay – Angelic Knight Press
E-book: Smashwords or Amazon: February 2013
Paperback: Amazon: March 2013

“Humanification” (Flash Story) – Zombie! Zombie! Brain Bang! – Strangehouse Books
E-Book and Paperback: November 2012

The Only Way” (Flash Story) – A Quick Bite Of Flesh: An Anthology of Zombie Flash Fiction – Hazardous Press
E-Book: September 2012
Paperback: October 2012

This Only Happens In The Movies” (Novellette)
Self-published: October 10th 2012
E-Book: Smashwords or Amazon

Summer Break” (Flash Story) – Lamplight Magazine: Volume #1, Issue #1 – Apokrupha
E-Magazine: September 2012 **FREE TO DOWNLOAD!**

She Makes Me Smile (Short Story) – First appeared in: Cavalcade of Terror Undead Press, May 2012.
Self-published: May 23rd 2012.
E-Book: Smashwords or Amazon