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Killercon 4 – Las Vegas – The Convention of Champions

Whoa. It’s four days after the awesomeness that was Killercon 4 (I’ve included the link for Killercon 5 here), two days since I’m home and I’m still not recuperated properly. (Between the lack of sleep / jetjag and the hurt I put on my liver, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be okay…) It was surely the most epic convention I’ve attended and having it in Las Vegas helped a lot.

Here’s a recap of the second convention I’ve attended this year. Well, as best a recap I can do, based on the amount of alcohol I ingested. (Everything is just a big blur of amazingness!)

I got to the hotel on Thursday evening, around 8pm, just in time for the first party of the night which was sponsored by Samhain Books. It was really nice to finally put faces to names after knowing so many people online. I met up with my roommate (and fellow Canadian) James Roy Daley somewhere in there and we drank. My room was upgraded when I arrived, but I’m not sure what the upgrade was… Here’s a view from my window. Lol!

The Wall!

Friday morning, Daley and I started drinking at 10am, cause that’s what Canadians do. 🙂 I’m pretty sure we killed at least 30 beer on Saturday.

He was concerned about not making it to his panel (which was at 7pm), but he did and it was great. The panel consisted of James Roy Daley, William F. Nolan, Jack Ketchum, John Skipp, Brian Keene and L.L. Soares.

I’m not going to lie, I drank a lot that day. I’m like a sailor but hotter. I tried to attend as much as I could, sitting in for readings and Q&A sessions which were all amazing. I attended Mignon Fogerty’s workshop for Quick and Dirty Tips for Horror Writers, which was excellent and well needed for myself, being a new writer and all. I did miss a few panels and readings unfortunately, but I heard amazing things about them from others who were in attendance. Friday night was the Erotic Horror Contest, which I didn’t enter it this year but I will next year for sure. Shane McKenzie‘s story about pixie sex was definitely a highlight of the competition. After the contest, we made our way to the party room again for the Shock Totem Press Party and once again, we drank.

Saturday I woke up, found more beer and staggered out for more readings. Between the Q&A session with Jack Ketchum, RJ Cavender‘s Self-Editing workshop and watching Mike McCarty show us how zombie make up and movie effects are done, it was a pretty full day. The mass signing rolled around and I had the chance to get the rest of my books signed. *(I went on a tear and spent 300$ on books the day before, I had to have Daley help me lug them back up to the room.) In the evening, there was the Creative Fiction Contest and Gross Out Contest, which again I didn’t enter, but should have. The room was packed for the Gross Out Competition and the emcee and everyone’s stories were amazing. After the prizing was handed out, we all made our way back to the party room for the Cutting Block Press / Deadite Press Party and more drinking. (There was also a LOT of photobombing happening. James Roy Daley, F. Paul Wilson and I were the photobomb team, resulting in some amazing shots.)

Sunday morning, there were STILL four Canadians and two Americans in the party room at 730am. I saw the sun come up and it dawned on me, I had a reading in four hours. I staggered off to bed, got three hours sleep, showered and found a slushy booze drink. My reading went really well, for my second reading ever that is. (I read Fatty and Summer Break as my selections, if you missed my reading, don’t worry… A lot of people did, it was early. Lol! You can however find a half hour podcast with the two stories here (plus one more), read by Nelson Pyles.)

Sunday was the sad day, because it’s the day you have to say good-bye to the awesome people you’ve met. For troopers like me, there was a Dead Dog party where we killed off the rest of the booze and watched an impromptu showing of Jack Ketchum’s – The Woman. I didn’t make it to the movie, only because I didn’t think I could keep quiet through a whole movie… I was after all drinking again.

Monday was fun, Daley, Monica O’Rourke, Kelly Laymon and I had moved down to The Excalibur and perused the strip. We watched Monica gamble, found 1$ jello shots, nearly got kicked out of a couple restaurants and finally had to say goodbye to Monica. We weren’t sure if she would make her flight or not, but she did. Daley, Kelly and I walked the strip ’til 330am and then headed back to catch some MUCH needed sleep. My flight was at 1130am the next morning.

Okay, so remember the 35 books I bought? Great idea!!! EXCEPT when you have to lug them through two GIANT airports as carry-ons. Didn’t think of that problem now did I…? I dealt with it though, I picked up a duffle bag, 28 fit in there and the other 7 made their way into my computer bag. Did I have anything to declare? Yes Sir, I have a book addiction. 😀

I want to thank everyone I met for putting up with, well, me. It was amazing to have met you all and I know I’ll be back next year for sure. Sorry I didn’t talk about everything and everyone, there was just so much going on with so many people. I didn’t forget you guys, see you all on Facebook!

Thanks to Wrath James White for putting this amazing convention together. I highly recommend this convention to everyone.

Just remember… What happens in Vegas, makes your liver stay in Vegas. 😉