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FoodCapades and the MandyBlog.

There are two places in the house where I feel most at home: sitting at my desk and standing in my kitchen. Let me rephrase that, Not just standing in my kitchen, but actually cooking or baking.

I’m one of those people… The ones who love taking pictures of  food and posting it to FaceBook.

Unfortunately, FB isn’t the easiest thing to navigate, especially when you post as much as I do. Nothing makes me crazier (than I already am) than trying to find  a recipe or a photo that I put up on FB a few months back. This is why I’ve decided to start posting about my foodcapades on my blog.

Also, with my foray into a new career (cheffing), I think it’s a good idea to have a food blog.

I’ll eventually (with help) rearrange the site to make everything easier to find, so whether you’re looking for food posts or writing posts, you won’t have to dig through both. For now, it’ll all be smashed into the one blog but it will be categorized to make things easier.

So I suppose this is my first FoodBlog post, even though it’s mostly about what’s to come. I promise there’ll be foodier posts in the future, I hope to include recipes I’ve tried (and either succeeded or failed in making), my adventures in my kitchen and at culinary school and maybe even interviews with other foodie-like personas.

For now, I leave you with some food porn… A photo of one of my favourite foods, poutine.