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Pressurized Deadlines -or- Why I write better with no time at all.

With Canada Day come and gone, I’m back to the regular grind again. July 1st was an important day for about four other reasons as well, it was deadline day. For the past few months, I’ve had July 1st circled on my calendars because things were due to be submitted. I tried to get things done earlier, but every time I sat down at the computer, I struggled with what I had to do. Apparently, I love to procrastinate.

I had months to finish up the four stories I wanted to submit. I tried to get things done earlier, but it didn’t happen. Finally as the last week approaches, something in me switched on. I started to get things done. I didn’t have much choice as they were due in a few days…

The moment I realized the due date was approaching, I completed one story after the other. It was easy, I just sat down and wrote. In less than a week, I had four stories completed, pre-read, edited and submitted to their respective anthologies.

Now I wait.

What I want to know is why couldn’t I get them done a long time ago? Why did I have to wait ’til the last week to find it in me to do what I had to do? I understand that Facebook is a serious issue for me. *(I’ve been on it three times so far in during this blog post… lol!)

It’s not like I don’t have the ideas, my phone and my desktop are full of notes about stories I should write.
It’s not like I don’t have the time. Time, I seem to have too much of.
So why can’t I do anything??? ARGH!

(I do have to say, at least I got it done. I didn’t miss any deadlines, but this isn’t a productive way to work.)

I’ve made calendars and lists, so yes, I am working on managing my time better. I wonder when this all started… I don’t think I had this problem before. I used to manage a department store. Did I have issues with time management then? I don’t think so, I would’ve been talked to about it. Maybe I need an assistant manager. Like a secretary or something to help keep me on track, or at least completing things much more quickly.

I’ve done well today, my plan is to work on the story I started over my holidays. “This only happens in the movies” is the working title and it’s a horror story. I also am working on another story this week, not horror though. More of a comedy/action with a wicked character named Maple. I have her planned out to be a recurring character, but my procrastination has so far kept her as just an idea. She’s made it onto the paper, but then I just stopped writing. Feedback on this storyline is awesome so far.

It’s in my plans to only work on those two stories this week. I hope to have them finished by Friday. I’ve also slacked off on my reviews and interviews, so I’ll be reading two books this week and attempting to do one author interview.

Maybe cause I wrote about it here, it will happen.

It’s my magic blog.

(I’ll keep you posted…)