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Lofty Writing Goals – Impossible? (I hope not.)

With the end of the year drawing close and all the stories I have out and about in PublishLand, I’ve taken it upon myself to get some more writing done.

I don’t take handwritten notes anymore, my phone had become the place where I jot down all the ideas I have.

As I was flipping through the notes I’ve taken over the past months, I had an idea.

Just get them done.

25 Short Stories, (plus the novella I’m working on at the moment), at least to completion of a rough draft, by New Year’s Eve.

Sounds doable right?

Yeah, it’s a pretty daunting goal, but even if I get half of my list done, there’s 13 more stories and a novella I didn’t have before.
I’m not aiming for half though.
I want to get ALL the ideas off my phone and onto paper, so I can start all over again next year. 😉


I’ll keep up the tally on the blog to let you know where I’m at.

1 of 25 Stories
(Well the 1 is that I’ve started one but it’s not done yet…)

Novella @ 50%

Here we go.