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Review: Starers by Nathan Robinson

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“Imagine if you found yourself the attention of the entire world . . .

The dysfunctional Keene family awaken one Saturday to find several strangers and neighbours staring at their home. Events turn more bizarre when more hypnotised strangers arrive, all seemingly transfixed with those within the Keene household. As the ominous crowd gathers and grows larger by the hour the Keene’s find themselves under siege in their own home. With hundreds, then thousands of bodies pressing against the walls of their home, a rising body count and grim premonitions plaguing their dreams, the family must work together to discover who or what is controlling the Starers.”

Nathan Robinson‘s novella, “Starers” is a fun, creepy little read. With horror these days, it seems like everything’s being done, redone and done once again. In Starers, Nathan takes a different approach on what creepy is, building suspense with each and every Starer who arrives outside the Keene family home.

Starers was an entertaining read. Definitely something different, the premise having intrigued me from the start. Nathan Robinson has a way of keeping you entranced throughout the story. His descriptive storytelling paints a picture for the reader with every turn of the page, or in this case, flip of the Kindle Page.

You can pick up your copy of Starers here.

Four Out Of Five Stars