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Review: Samson and Denial by Robert Ford

Samson and DenialEver have one of those days where you should’ve stayed in bed because everything seems to go wrong? Today is that day for pawnshop owner, Samson Gallows.

Things start to go downhill when Samson purchases a mummified head from a junkie. Over the next twenty four hours, Samson is forced into a world of murder, mystery and mayhem where he meets some very interesting characters. Between Nick, the junkie he purchased to the head from; the two tortuous Russians he keeps running into; his prostitute friend and confidant, Free Ride Angie and the Crimson Sisterhood, Samson really has his hands full.

While the story is only a novella (weighing in at 125 pages), Robert Ford incorporates all the facets needed for a great story.

Samson and Denial will keep the reader turning the page right up to the very end. It’s story-telling at it’s best, as Ford pens the strangest ideas into a well-thought out and fantastically written tale. The first person narrative and descriptive writing will pull the reader into the story from the gripping beginning and keep them there, right up until the unexpected ending.

Although the paperback version is now sold out,  Samson and Denial is available on Amazon for Kindle for $2.99.

5 Stars out of 5

***Samson and Denial is recommended as Mandytory reading***