Good Eats – Samantha Snapper and Sauteed Veg

So being a food lover/chef-in-training, I tend to eat some pretty tasty things. I don’t always write down the recipes for said dinners, but I figured I’d share the food photos (which I am always taking) and the stories that go along with my food photos.

The boyfriend (who’s name is Dan, but I tend to refer to him as “the boy”) and I cook together quite a bit. While I’m a little bit of a Nazi in the kitchen, I’m learning to step back and let him take the reins on certain things. *(I’ve learned that I can’t watch him cut things cause it makes me crazy, but I’m learning to bite my tongue and I still love him.)

Our most recent dinners have been fish related. This one is snapper fillets and sauteed vegetables, which I believe was yellow and green zucchini, celery, heirloom carrots, purple beans, onions and garlic.

I sauteed up the vegetables in some coconut oil and let the boy take care of the protein.

The next day, when I told him about the blog and asked him to name his fish, I was looking for something along the lines of “Pan fried snapper with blah blah herbs” or something of the like.

He, however, looked at me and said, in a totally serious way, “Samantha Snapper.”

So here’s Samantha Snapper and Sauteed Vegetables


Samantha Snapper

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