When Puzzles Exude Evil…

Okay, thanks to Tasha, I’ve just spent the last 3 hours hunched over my coffee table, staring at tiny, little pieces that will, one day, make up the whole of a larger picture.

What that means, is that my roommate left me a puzzle.  It’s worse than “just a puzzle”, it’s a “Mosiac puzzle” which means it’s not a normal puzzle.  (It’s Van Gogh’s Starry Night, but the picture itself is made up of tons of tiny space pictures…)  This means, that it’s a puzzle sent directly from the bowels of hell, to me.  This is a puzzle meant to help someone who’s housebound fall off the sanity cliff.

*(It’s kinda my fault that this puzzle isn’t as finished as it once was or that I’m now, a little responsible… okay a lot responsible, to finish it.  I didn’t know that it was wrapped in felt at the other house and I kind of, accidentally, threw it on the floor…)

Having spent hours staring at pieces that don’t even make sense, I feel a little more wacky for the wear.  I’ve forgotten that I don’t have two legs, but I’m now a victim of back pain and fuzzy eyeballs from staring at the hellish pieces for this long.   I feel like I’m in elementary school again…  I’m back to matching colours into piles, trying ones that may or may not fit and yes, I have already resorted to pounding certain pieces into the table, as I was sure they would fit, but then find out they don’t.  ARGH!!!!

Yet, as much as I hate this puzzle already, I can’t look away.  It’s like crack.  Every single time I look at it, I pick up a piece and try to find it’s home.  I supposed I could put it away, but it’s still there… waiting to be finished, or waiting to make me so crazy, that I forget the overall idea of a puzzle completion and start eating the pieces.  (Some of them look already chewed, must remind myself to ask the roommate about that…)

I question my sanity one last time, as I glance up from the computer screen to the table… It’s there, waiting for me, waiting to suck me in again… I’m stronger than this distraction from hell, I can and will overcome this bitch, or go crazy trying…

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