Memory losses.

I hate forgetting things… I do it all the time though. My brain works at 150% most days, but it just doesn’t have time to or chooses not to remember things. If someone reminds me of an event, it usually comes back to me like a memory should, but when I try to think of something that happened in my past, it’s all fuzzy, if even there at all. I’m not sure how your brain works, but I think mine fails miserably on the “remembering” part.

I’m okay with it though, I’ve learned to deal with it. I take a lot of notes, write EVERYTHING down… Then proceed to perhaps lose list. (Normally, I forget it on the table. Ha!) 😀 All in all, I’m okay with being forgetful, except moments like now.

I’m trying to remember the title of a book I read when I was a kid/teen. I’d love to reread it, as I read it about a million times. *(Apparently I didn’t read the title enough.)

The story is set in Bubonic Plague times, about a teen girl and her mute, white-haired, younger brother. They watch their parents die at the hands of some guy with a poleaxe or spear. ARGH!!! It’s making me crazy. It’s a young adult book, about…20 so odd years old, I guess. I remember buying it in a Coles bookstore.

If I remember correctly, the cover was reddish, with the pic of the kids on the front, and other things I don’t remember… Knights maybe? It was silver, grey… maybe yellow. I mostly just remember the red.

Any ideas, please let me know 😀

I’m off to forget something!


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